About Telemundo Center

In 2018, Comcast-NBCUniversal invested more than $250 million to build Telemundo Center to be the newest, high-tech flagship production and broadcast facility in the country. Our next-generation multimedia production facility boasts a commitment to Hispanic consumers and the advances of the future of Hispanic media. We offer highly adaptive studios, digital labs, and a state-of-the-art news hub that gives us unrivaled flexibility to respond to market demand as well as bring news, sports, entertainment, and digital content all under one roof. Through our open-plan design and cutting-edge technology, Telemundo Center is specifically designed to spark innovation, generate powerful experiences, and foster the kind of creative energy, cross-business ideation, and collaboration essential to a world-class media operation.

Production Services


Telemundo Center offers sound stages ranging from 7,372 to 8,085 sq. ft. Our large stages have 26-33 ft. high grids and come equipped with silent AC. Our studios are where the magic happens.


Telemundo Center is able to house long-term production company clients. Our facility has ample office space, conference areas, dining space, and parking to support your production staff.

Key Services

Telemundo Center offers a wide range of services that adapt to the needs of each client. Our services are designed to offer top-level technical and creative solutions to all our clients.


Telemundo center offers a diverse portfolio of rental services that range from lighting to props and wardrobe to help bring your productions to life.

Telemundo Center offers a wide range of production services for our clients. From studio reservations to props and wardrobe rentals, we will make sure that you have everything you need in order to create a successful production. Our extremely flexible and adaptable team is available around the clock to fit your production needs and can assist in all aspects of production while you’re working with us.

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